Academic Conference 2023

Postgraduate College - Lead City University, Ibadan

Theme: Innovative Research and Quality Education For Sustainable Development


Keynote Speaker


Prof.  Toyin Falola
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Topic: Innovative Research and Quality
Education For Sustainable Development

Lead Paper Presenter


Prof.  Temi Ologunsorisa
Vice Chancellor, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa, Nigeria

Topic: Climate Change, Flood Risk and Sustainable Development

Workshop Instructor


Prof.  Emmanuel O. Adu
University of Fort Hare, South Africa

Topic: Understanding the Scienctific Indexing Bodies in Academia

Innovative Research and Quality Education for Sustainable Development

Education is at the centre of Sustainable Development Goals, therefore, it occupies an important place as one of the goals (SDG 4). It has also featured as a target in other SDGs such as those on health, growth, employment, sustainable consumption and production, security, and climate change. Innovation is an outcome of the process of learning and interactions among diverse disciplines and actors borne by rigorous and scientific research which is a veritable tool to drive the achievement of sustainable development goals. The new knowledge and scientific discoveries from them can thus be commercialised by large corporations and industries for the gains of the national and international economies. The symbiotic relationship between education and research sectors will then produce innovation system models and develops a normative framework that focuses on supporting national and regional competitiveness.
It is against this background that the Conference Organising Committee on behalf of the Postgraduate College, Lead City University, Ibadan, hereby calls for the submission of abstracts and full papers from key stakeholders and experts from different fields in the academia, industry players, bureaucrats, and policy-makers. Being those who are passionate about Innovative Research and the Development of Quality Education Systems, their participation in this conference will be through the submission of theoretical, policy, and empirical papers that can cover emerging and under-explored sub-themes of the conference to promote sustainable development.


Day 1

Pre-Conference Workshop 1
Topic:Techniques of Acadenic Writing

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Day 2

Pre-Conference Workshop 2
Topic:Understanding the Scientific Indexing Bodies in Academia.

Conference Opening Ceremony

Syndicate Session
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Day 3

Lead Paper Presentation
Topic:Climate Change, Flood Riask and Sustainable Development

Syndicate Session
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    1. Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering for Sustainable Development.

    2. Bulding Construction industry, transformation, and development for Sustainable Development.

    3. Business Education for Sustainable Development

    4. Climate Change and Environmental impact and the Life-cycle assesment of building.

    5. Democratic governance and Freedom of the press in a Rapdily Changing World.

    6. Climate Change and Environmental impact and the Life-cycle assesment of building.

    7. Entreprenurship Pollution as a factor for Urban Development.

    8. Environmental Accounting and Taxation for Sustainable Business Development.

    9. Environmental Pollution as a factor for Urban Development.

    10. Fisca Federalism, Tax laws and Monetary potdcy for Sustainable Development.

    11. Girl-Child education, and poverty reduction for inclusive development

    12. Higher Education for Manpower Development in a fast changing World for Sustainable Development

    13. Information Systems, Policy, Technology and Cybersecurity for Sustainable Development

    14. Informative and Inclusive research in business growth and development

    15. Innovative Criminological research for Sustainable development

    16. Innovative Research in Language, Literature Counselling, Psychology and Suitable Development

    17. Legal Research for Sustainable Development

    18. Office Information Technology and Information Management for Sustainable Development

    19. Psychopathology and Psycho social Stability for Sustainable development

    20. Reimagining Research Culture for Sustainable Development

    21. Social Justice, Peace % Security for Sustainable Development

    22. Liberary and Iinformation Sciences for Sustainable Development

    23. Health Information Management for Sustainable Developemnt

    24. Tax laws imperatives and Business sustainability

    25. Urbanization, Urban Renewal, Environmental planing, and Rural Devvelopment for Sustainability Development

    26. Vocational and Universal Basic Education for Sustainable development


Mar. 1 - Aug 30, 2023
Sept.1 - Oct. 10, 2023
Oct. 11-18, 2023
POSTGRADUATE STUDENT ₦15,000.00 ₦20,000.00 ₦25,000.00
SCHOLARS ₦20,000.00 ₦25,000.00 ₦30,000.00


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Account Number:1227503549

Bank: Zenith Bank Plc

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Conference Information

Submision of Abstracts

May 28, 2023

Acceptance of Abstracts

May 31, 2023

Full Paper Submission

June 30, 2023


11:00 am, October 16, 2023


1:00 pm, October 19, 2023


Conference Leadership

Prof. Taye Babaleye

Prof. Taye Babaleye

Conference Chairman
Prof. Afolakemi Oredein

Prof. Afolakemi Oredein

 Dr. Oyebola Ayeni

Dr. Oyebola Ayeni

Prof. Aderemi Kabiru Adeyemo

Prof. Aderemi Kabiru Adeyemo

Vice Chancellor/Chief Host